1/2 Day Workshop

Unlock yourself from the burden of busyness and burnout

..because busy people have no time for that!

Next Hack Your Habits Online Workshop :

4th June 2022

10am AEST

AUD $29.70

In this Workshop you'll learn

  • Heaps of hacks to optimise your daily habits for improved happiness, health and vitality (plus body confidence)
  • Zero complicated starvation diets that leave you hungry
  • Zilch excessive exercise or ridiculous workouts
  • Nada unsustainable or impractical lifestyle modifications

"I found me again" - Jennie

Stop hoping that you will be stop being stuck.

Learn the steps to become unstoppable.

The Hack Your Healthy Habits Workshop ensures you can get build the right habits to transform your healthy and your life.

Have You Ever Felt This?

  • Highly stressed or feelings of self-sabotage
  • Inflammation or pain
  • Uncontrolled weight gain or weight loss
  • A sense of overwhelm/ guilt
  • Low energy or motivation
  • Overwhelmed with life

Don't worry...

I remember what being stuck in your life was like, and I KNOW this workshop will help you move from stuck to unstoppable.

"Lauren brings big energy and optimism to every encounter. She's very much a "go-getter" and this encourages me to do the same." - Lorinda Wilson

In my Hack Your Habits for Happiness & Health Workshop, I will take you in depth and share with you the exact strategy I used to move myself from sick and underweight human to a sustainable healthy, happy, high-vibing and unstoppable conscious biohacker!

IMAGINE: finally getting the confidence to put yourself out there & perform...

IMAGINE: having a night of undistributed sleep…

IMAGINE: waking up and feeling high energy throughout the day…

IMAGINE: having a sense of freedom in your day to day life

Don’t wait any longer to back yourself …

I’ve created this workshop to reach and help as many people as possible. This is YOUR time to move from being stuck to becoming unstoppable. This is YOUR opportunity to build healthy habits that will take you towards the high energy and abundant life you've been dreaming of and deserve.

Next Hack Your Habits Online Workshop :

4th June 2022

10am AEST

AUD $29.70

"I’ve been lucky enough to learn a thing or two from her and am keen for this to continue! Her energy and personality are powerful and contagious and will empower you with whichever endeavour(s) you’re working towards." - Lorinda Wilson

"I have now sustained good habits in my everyday life and have reaped fantastic results." - Jasmine James

What Clients Are Saying About Loz

"I would say my life has changed drastically since i started my journey with her. Not only could I apply her advice for my physical health but Loz has taught me about goal setting, how to reduce stress and has set me on a path to move towards my dream." - Kim Todd

"I can’t recommend Loz’s services enough, and am excited for anyone that works with her helping to transform their ideas into reality." - Luke Sippel

About Loz

Hi, I'm Loz!

I know what it feels like to lack motivation and crave change without knowing how to get desired outcomes.

Like others, I'm no stranger to feeling stuck.

So, I created the Healthy Habit Hierarchy and I couldn't believe how quickly things not just turned around in my life, but took off!

My mission now is to share the secrets of my success, and help busy people upgrade their energy, wellness and body confidence through the transformative power of healthy habits

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a break?

Yes! We will have a 30 min break halfway through

What should I bring?

You’ll need a computer and an open mind

Do I need any special software?

The session will be delivered through Zoom and you also might want to have a program that can open PDF files like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Is there any prep to do before the session?